7 Guilty pleasures that are just pleasures


Image courtesy of Amazon, and also I had this (hopefully still do somewhere)

We all have guilty pleasures that we don’t really feel guilty about.

Here are just a few of mine…..

#1 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

7 years of this amazing show. I can’t imagine my life without it, without the posters on my wall, without the merchandise and without the vampire slayer as my idol. My best friend and I bonded over this show so many years ago and we still have regular buffy nights. I must have pestered my brother to buy me all things Buffy-related. I guess watching re-runs of BTVS isn’t so much a guilty pleasure so much as it is integrated in my life and childhood.

#2 KFC hot wings

There is something about those hot wings…..I can’t say I allow many people to see me eating KFC hot wings. That’s pure guilt. The less I say about this hot craving the better.

#3 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I know. It’s my escape. Yes there’s not much I can relate to in this show. Actually there is nothing. But watching the glitzy drama unfold is so much fun. Sometimes the screaming  ladies of BH gives me a headache, but I love it. I may or not be watching it right now as I write. Team Erika Jayne.

#4 Instant Noodles

I don’t cook. I can make basic meals, fish and vegetables, pasta….anything more and I’m just stumped. It stresses me out and I don’t totally understand what various ingredients add to a dish. X amount of herbs, this much salt…..Literally makes no sense to me. So my go-to dinner is the instant noodle. I don’t have the most sophisticated palate, though I have been to pretty great restaurants here in London (The Ledbury, Le Gavroche….) but I’m just if not more happy having my instant noodles with too much soy sauce, tabasco and bits of sliced meat….Heaven. Sit me with that in front of #1 or #3…you have a very content Ash.


#5 Silly music

Most of my favourite songs make me cry, however, there are a few ones that and just so silly and fun that even if people give me the side-eye, I’ll blast those tunes and carlton-dance my way through them. These include songs like Toto -AfricaRusted Root-Send me on my way or Disney’s The Spectrum Song (This one is truly silly). Which brings me to…

#6 Disney

I am never not in the mood for Disney. Disney music and movies are objectively amazing so I don’t know if this counts as a guilty pleasure, I’m only 27 so it’s still reasonable but nevertheless it’s here. I’ve always claimed Pocahontas to be my favourite Disney movie, but my heart also goes out to the hunchback and I seer with rage still that Esmerelda chose Phoebus. Lion King has Pumba. Aladdin has Robin Williams. Tarzan has Tantor and gorillas. I will never not love Disney.  Disney music is also amazing. I won’t go through all the Disney songs that make me love life, but anything from Tarzan, Hercules or Beauty and the Beast will instantly cheer me up.

#7 Playing with glitter

My arts and crafts section at home consists of stickers, funky tape, stamp pens, heart-shaped hole punchers and lots of glitter. I even have a small makeup bag full of tiny zip lock bags of glitter. It kind of resembles a secret drug stash if it weren’t so iridescent and multi-coloured. I dabble in clay-making and making cards for friends’ children which means lots of glitter! I’ve also recently reclaimed my love for body and face glitter. I wore face glitter to Lemaitre the other night and two nights ago I went to a bar in Portabello (Trailer Happiness) and was super excited to see that the female staff all had glitter on their faces! Then there was me, without my glitter. Note to self: travel with face glitter. You never know when you might need it.

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