The OA: as evocative as it is confusing

One of the two best shows I have seen in a while is The OA (the other is Stranger Things – I’m aware of the comparisons, but really they’re both great in their own right). My best friend asked me to describe what The OA was about the other night and I didn’t know how to start. I loved this show and the movements’ scene at the end still mesmerizes me after 50something viewings. That said, when asked to describe it I started by talking about how the show made me feel. It may sound very silly to be so affected by a tv show, that is not a documentary or based on true events (potentially….maybe) but I was. The OA consists of a mystery surrounding the discovery of Prairie, who was blind but now can see after being missing for 7 years. When Brit Marling’s character says “You asked me how I got my sight. The better story is how I lost it in the first place” I don’t think any viewer expected the surprising and surreal tale that unravelled. Well, unravelled to the extent that I still have a million questions I need answered. I’m awestruck by Brit Marling to be honest. Not only is her portrayal of Prairie/OA beautiful, but look at this show that she has written/co-created. In my head we’d totally get along…or I’d be her much less talented sidekick. I told my friend to definitely give it a watch, telling her either you’re the kind of person who is responsive to the kind of creature The OA is, or you’re not.

Some people may have laughed at the “cafeteria movements” scene – from what I’ve read some may have been offended by it even – or you’re like me and countless others who cried from the moment BBA uttered “my boys” until the very last scene. It’s disturbing yes, but it was depicted so beautifully if you are open to it. Brit Marling herself said this show was about people in trauma healing each other. I personally think the last moment, actually the whole show, completely embodies that. Credit to the 5 also. Funny how now I can’t see The Office’s Phyllis anymore and now only see BBA – Best fricking teacher ever. I personally want to adopt the character Buck. I loved seeing the growth in Steve. I won’t lie, I wanted to smack him one the first time he was on screen but then I fell in love with him and wanted to run after him running after OA. Suffice it to say, I cannot wait for season 2. I need to know what the braille in the building means (yes it’s Rachel, but why?!). I need to know what happens to the 5 without OA. I need to know why Elias was in OA’s house. I refuse to believe the theory or inference that OA made everything up. Just don’t even go there with me. (final note: is it bad that I want to take violin lessons purely so that I can play the main violin piece running through OA’s story?)