Loved on Screen and off

Robin Williams


Robin Williams as Peter Pan in Hook

I’m not one to mourn too much over “celebrity” deaths as although I may love their music/movies, ultimately, I didn’t know them. It’s sad but if you think how many other non-famous people died that particular day, I don’t tend to feel any worse just because of their stardom.

However, when Robin Williams passed, it hit me. Obviously, I didn’t know him, but my childhood certainly was flourished by a lot of his movies. Before he passed, I choked up watching Hook or Good Will Hunting, now, forget it, I just bawl. It must be a testament to Robin Williams that after he passed I didn’t read or hear anything negative about him. Virtually no-one had an unkind word to say. Murals of his work were painted across walls and videos of him entertaining the troops and playing with Koko the Gorilla were watched by thousands. He always had a sparkle in his eyes, even when he wasn’t ad-libbing hilarious lines, when he was just simply smiling, it was always a heart-warming and tender smile that made him glow.

I don’t want to go into his personal relationships or family but all I will say is his commercial for Zelda with his beautiful daughter of the same name breaks my heart every time.


Whether RW was playing the quirky DJ in Good Morning, Vietnam, or Fosse dancing in The Birdcage or playing the dangerous game of Jumanji, Robin Williams was bewitching on and off-screen. He was inspirational in Dead Poets Society which served to be one of the most eminently quotable movies in Williams’ film career. Robin Williams and animation were made for each other in Disney’s Aladdin as he ad-libbed most of his work and infused magic into his iconic portrayal of Genie.

In spite of the internal struggles he battled with,  he was able to make so many people cry with laughter and that is truly a selfless gift.