A tribute and a thank you


I was truly saddened to hear of Chester Bennignton’s death. Linkin Park had a great impact on my life and got me through very hard times. Thank you CB for this. In the back of the car, unable to escape from yelling parents, day in day out, listening to Hybrid Theory was like listening to a sermon. All 12 tracks healed me in some way. CB’s voice, passion and rage helped me feel like I wasn’t alone. Since his death, the outpouring of love and stories from his fans who also felt his anguish, has been extraordinary. So many people were helped by their music. We all need need help, in one form or another, at some stage in our life. It’s so important to be open and let people in. CB did this through his music. Losing CB to his demons should be a wake-up call…Sadly, he had to battle with the worst of demons. We all have them. Some big, some small, some we conquer,some we don’t. We are all wired differently, and why wouldn’t we be. We all have our stories. What helps is to share them and in turn learn from others. I’ve learned so much from other people just by opening up about my own worries. It’s sad, but true, that in a lot of cases, the hardships we face in life are what connects us to others.

Our lives matter. Who we come into contact with, for however a long or brief a time, matters. Who we are to other people matters. It’s never easy. It’s true, by going to hell and back, you come out stronger in some ways. You can feel more equipped to deal with the shit that this universe throws at you. Still, it’s a chequered life that we lead. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to stay strong and to fight back. And when you feel like you can’t keep fighting, Keep Fighting. Don’t discard yourself. Don’t discard the people around you. Reach out.  Just as the sun rises everyday, so should we.

RIP Chester Bennington.


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