Lemaitre last night

My second post is dedicated to a cool band I went to see play last night. Lemaitre at XOYO, Shoreditch, London. The music, the guys, the energy…It always seems to be the case that there’s one standout song that I just love and connect with and I always think there’s no way they’ll play the song. And then they do.

On 1 December 2016 I went to see my favorite band The Cure. Obviously they were amazing. My favorite song by them is Burn. It’s haunting, it’s beautiful and it’s why I feel weirdly proud that bands like The Cure exist. At the concert, I really didn’t think they would play Burn (thinking it wasn’t a well-known track). But the second I heard the opening I felt awakened. I love when that happens.

My favourite Lemaitre song is Nishio 2. Whenever I hear it I imagine I’m in a room completely lit by fairy lights and stars and still raindrops all around me. It’s that twinkly intro that gets me and I’m a sucker for anything to do with fairy lights. Lemaitre played a great set with all their gems, “Closer”, “We got U”and “Stepping Stones” (side note: Mark Johns is so fun to watch). Eagerly waiting and they finally played it. A child-like feeling of marvelling at a room filled with stars came over me. What’s great about Lemaitre is that they all switched between instruments and for what was their last show of their tour, they had incredible energy.



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