Post 1: This is so much harder than I thought

Hi all! Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog. It may not be super exciting now, but wait……

In an effort to see if I can do something more creative outside of my current profession, I bring you, my blog. Let’s start with my first photo upload. I love pigs. I can’t explain where this love came from, it just is. It’s a lifestyle. Aside from pigs, I love to write, see live music, I love Disney movies and very warped and graphic horror movies and I like to try new things.  Most of my blog will be about these things and my general jibber-jabber musings. I should also add, I have the kind of mind that never switches off, so hopefully this blog will help (I will filter, don’t worry). I’m the kind of person who believes strongly in connections and I believe in finding something to connect me to this world. Hopefully my blog will have something to offer, though a lot of it won’t be gold, it’ll be whatever you make of it. And I’m cool with that.



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